How to signpost social distancing

Here at Sign Language, we’ve been adapting to the unfortunate recent circumstances as best as we can. We’re aware of how much of a disruption the outbreak of Coronavirus has caused and we’ve been working our hardest to make life easier for everyone during this difficult time.

The most important thing we can all do to prevent the spread of the virus is to practice social distancing. Although many people will survive the virus even if they contract it, there is still a significant number who would be seriously affected if the virus was passed onto them. That’s why we must all make an effort to keep our distance from each other at all times.

Signpost Social Distancing

The steps we can take

Although it’s important to physically stay away from each other, there are other steps that can be taken too. For example, parcels and deliveries should be left at the door to avoid unnecessary interaction. Shops should only allow in a certain number of people and small confined spaces in public should be avoided. 

We have produced some products for some clients to help remind everyone to adhere to these rules at all times. Our social distancing signs send a clear message to enforce coronavirus precautions, all of which will contribute to this lockdown period ending as quickly as possible. 

As well as our larger signs we’ve also designed some small, bright stickers which can be easily distributed around frequently-visited areas. They’d also be brilliant on public display boards or outside essential shopping centres and would act as a strong reminder to anyone passing by.

Signpost Social Distancing

Thank you to the NHS 

One of the three main messages imposed by the Government is to protect the NHS. This message is so crucial because the NHS is the key to us surviving this global pandemic. We need to suppress the spread of the disease in order to prevent too many people from becoming sick at one time, as this would overwhelm our hospitals, doctors, and nurses.

On Thursday 26th March, most of the UK took part in an emotional tribute which saw us standing outside our houses clapping for the carers. Supporting the NHS is a great way to raise morale and keep people’s hopes up.

With this in mind, we’ve been working on some custom-made signs for one client to show thanks to NHS staff and all of their hard work. Not only are they working around-the-clock to protect us and our loved ones, but they’re also placing themselves at increased risk of catching the virus.

Signpost Social Distancing Thank you NHS

The Key Benefits of Vehicle Graphics

This post will discuss the key benefits of vehicle graphics and how they can help you to grow. It doesn’t matter whether you own a large number of vehicles or you operate independently. Your service fleet plays a crucial role in the marketing of your business. The only thing worse than a lack of advertising on your vehicle is poorly-executed, cheap-looking branding. Your vehicle offers you the chance to reach thousands of people as you go about your daily business. This article is going to discuss the importance of making the most of this opportunity, and the best ways to go about it. 

van selling food

Establish trust, confidence and credibility

As a customer, what’s the most important thing that you consider when looking for a tradesperson? The answer is almost always whether you can trust them or not. Promoting a credible brand image is one of the main key benefits of vehicle graphics.

What customers want to avoid at all costs is someone who does a quick, shabby job and then disappears. A tradesperson who’s cared enough to invest in smart, professional branding is going to appear trustworthy and reliable. Showing customers that you’ve made an effort will help to make a positive first impression of your business. 

By having your company name and contact details in the open, you send the message that you want people to know who you are. This helps to remove any fears customers might have of not being able to contact you if they have any questions or further requests.

Mobile marketing captivates customers

Another one of the key benefits of vehicle graphics is that they are simply eye-catching. We all see hundreds, possibly thousands of cars and vehicles pass by us every day. Apart from the odd sports car or Reliant Robin, how many of them actually stick in your mind? Not many because for the most part, they all look roughly the same. As a tradesperson, you can use this to your advantage.

UK government statistics state that as of September 2019, there are 38.9 million registered vehicles on the road. According to the RAC, 61% of trips in 2018 were made by car either as a driver or a passenger. This helps to give some idea of how dominant vehicles are as a mode of transport.

Just by driving a vehicle, you are appearing in front of thousands of pairs of eyes. Vehicle signage is an effective method of turning your vehicle into a moving advertisement board, which if you think about it is an extremely effective method of marketing. With bright and bold signage, it’s easy to stand out amongst the ocean of other plain vehicles on the road.

You can appeal to all kinds of customers – people who are actively looking for your services or people who see your vehicle and realise they might need your help. It might even be people who see your vehicle and remember that someone they know needs a service you offer. By being easily recognisable and sending a clear message, you can catch the attention of huge numbers of potential clients. This would be far more difficult if you had a plain vehicle.

van with purple signage

Cost-effective Advertising

Unlike other popular advertising methods, vehicle graphics come at a vastly reduced price. You want the graphics to look professional and well designed, but even when taking this into account, it’s still much cheaper. As long as the wrap is applied properly it will stay on for a good few years. During this time you get around-the-clock advertising, even when your vehicle is parked. This should allow you to generate a healthy return on investment. 

Passive Advertising

Finally, the last of our key benefits of vehicle graphics is that they aren’t confrontational. In a world of non-stop ‘in your face’ advertising with ads popping up on your mobile phone and chat boxes on every computer webpage, advertising can become quite frustrating. Vehicle graphics provide customers with marketing in a non-aggressive manner and is just as effective and memorable as other more straight-forward techniques.

blue van with signage


Overall, if you are frequently using a vehicle to travel between jobs and you aren’t using it as a marketing tool, you’re missing out on a trick. Especially as travelling tradespeople don’t usually spend time at their office, it means that in a way your vehicle is your place of work as well as your means of transport. 

If you want to maximise awareness of your brand, show that you are trustworthy and attract the attention of new clients, then it’s definitely a worthwhile investment to make. Just be careful that the job is done by experienced professionals who know what they’re doing. Vehicles need to be sized properly before they are fitted, with attention being paid to door handles, lights, windows, wing mirrors and door hinges. 

In this scenario, a substandard job is worse than no job at all. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, we can guarantee a high-quality and lasting service. Take a look at some of our previous work and see for yourself. If you want professional consultation or a quote for a fleet, feel free to contact us

5 funny examples of bad graphic printing

We all make mistakes, they can happen to people at the best of times. But when it comes to putting pen to paper and printing something permanently, it’s vital to double-check everything. Marketing and advertising are what helps us stay in business. It’s vital for us to make sure that we’re not publishing any bad graphic printing. You’d think people or even large companies would have the sense to double-check before they give things the go-ahead, but that isn’t always the case.

We’ve compiled 5 examples of bad graphic printing to show you that when this kind of thing goes wrong, it can go really wrong.

1. Formatting

Photo credit

A classic mistake seen all too frequently on vehicles with graphic printing is a lack of attention paid to text formatting. Even wealthy and global companies with as many resources as Starbucks are prone to bad graphic printing errors.

It’s important to be careful with any messages that could inadvertently be displayed to the public. While this is an amusing blunder, it’s not offensive and the overall ramifications won’t be damaging for the company.

However, if a rude or offensive word had been accidentally put on view then they could have faced more serious consequences. In this occasion though, they’ll just have to deal with a healthy dose of embarrassment.


2. Misleading Information 

Photo credit

Here we have what appears to be a fairly standard sign, the type you’d typically see in a supermarket car park. At first glance, all seems to be well. But when you take a closer look, you suddenly realise that someone’s made a serious mistake with the design. The directions change when reading horizontally or vertically, which we’d like to assume was in no way the intended result. 

This shows the importance of placing yourself in the shoes of the customer and looking at things objectively. It could help you to avoid wasting money and resources on producing something like this, which seems like it was created for the sole purpose of confusing people. Can you figure out this example of bad graphics printing?


3. Nonsensical

Photo credit

If you’ve ever needed any motivation to double-check your work, then this should be more than sufficient. 

There’s not much to be said about this one really, but it does teach an important lesson. While it’s important to consider the more complex aspects of designs, it’s equally as essential to pay attention to the basics. 

The only thing worse than a poorly designed sign that’s difficult to understand is a sign which doesn’t make sense at all. Not only is this sign such nonsense that it’s comical, but in busy areas, it could cause unnecessary mass confusion. 

If a sign has a spelling mistake or a confusing image, at least people can still figure out the general message. However, in this scenario, it’s just a complete contradiction. People will have no idea what to do and could end up putting themselves and others in danger. 


4. Inconsistency

Photo credit

For any perfectionists out there, this sign will be particularly difficult to look at. The designer of this sign clearly showed creative flair by incorporating the first ‘H’ into the weights above the person’s head. So far so good. 

But for some reason, they decided to not include the second ‘H’ in the logo. This missed opportunity results in a highly unsatisfying overall image which gets more aggravating the longer you look at it. Either they didn’t realise they could use the logo for the second ‘H’, or they did realise but they forgot to actually do it. Either way, it’s unforgivable.

Assuming the second ‘H’ in the logo still counts as a letter, then the sign now reads ‘Shapes Healthh Club’. This is a real shame as the logo would have looked really good had it not been for this elementary mistake.


5. Readability

Photo credit

When printing a sign, overlooking the font is something which really never should happen. Seeing as the vast majority of signs will have some kind of text on them, you’d think extra care would be taken to make sure the message is easy to read.

As shown in the image above, the poor font choice here has resulted in the message appearing to read ‘NEW STOCK ARRMNG DAILY!’ It’s not just the font choice though, it’s the size of the text and the closeness of the individual letters which has resulted in this catastrophic error. 

This example, perhaps more than any of the others, highlights the importance of seeking professional help from an expert. There’s simply no way that someone with years of experience could allow for something as easily avoidable as this to make it to the printing stage.

If global companies with multi-billion dollar net worths such as Starbucks are capable of bad graphic printing, then it must be easier to make these errors than you’d think. We hope that you’ve seen enough examples of shoddy (and humourous) printing mistakes by now to never want to join the ranks of these poor designers. 

If you’re ever in doubt, feel free contact us for professional consultation.

The Importance of Banners in Marketing

Here at 1st4signs, we offer our clients a multitude of ways to advertise their businesses. Using banners in marketing is without a doubt one of the best and cost-effective ways to catch the customers eye. They are excellent at being used outside a shop or premises. They are also easily transportable and can be carried to business events and exhibitions. 

All of the banners we produce are custom made to our clients’ specifications. Whether you need one large or small, in a regular or irregular shape, we can meet your needs. If you know what your design looks like but aren’t sure about printing or sizing, we can offer expert advice. 

With over twenty years of experience,  you can trust us to deliver a banner to your exact description. We provide banners in marketing for many different purposes, as listed below.

sign or banner in marketing


Flags are an excellent method of advertisement. They don’t require much space to put up and can have marketing material printed on both sides. They also offer unique opportunities as they can be placed in roadside areas where high volumes of traffic pass through and reach large numbers of people passing by. 

Despite flags being typically used outside, we also produce indoor variations. Our outdoor flags are built to last; the rods are composed of aluminium and fibreglass. Also, the fabric is highly resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Whether you need flags for a large-scale operation or to advertise a small local event, we can provide the perfect product for you. Our sleek and high-quality flags can be relied upon as a lightweight, cost-effective tool to help your business generate interest.

Pop up / Roller Banners

Pop up banners are one of the most popular ways for small to medium-sized businesses to effectively advertise themselves at business events and exhibitions. They are easy to transport and assemble – you just need to roll up the banner and click it into place. The usefulness of these banners in marketing cannot be understated.

If you already have a design then we can provide fast and high-quality printing. However, if you just have a logo and aren’t sure of how you want the whole banner to look, then we can supply general marketing advice to help bring your banner to life. Our banners are custom-made, sturdy and cost-effective. If you’re on a budget or working to a tight schedule, we can work with you to provide a solution.

Point of sale

If you’re the type of business owner who relies solely on footfall making its way to your premises, then a point of sale sign is the perfect option for you.

The best way to attract customers and generate interest in a busy, bustling place is to stand out from the crowd. Our signs can help you stand out from the competition and direct customers your way, whether you own a shop or not.

We are vastly experienced in producing eye-catching and visually appealing signs. We can also advise you in regards to colour coordination and optimal positioning for your advertising materials. Point of sale signs can be highly versatile, and their size, content and placement will be entirely dependent upon the nature of the business you have.

If you are considering professional consultation then we can help you boost your sales. Feel free to contact us to discuss the options that would be best for you and your business.


Also known as vinyl banners, PVC banners are suitable for both in and outdoor marketing. They’re a popular long-term advertising investment and are especially good at surviving harsh outdoor environments.

Polyvinyl chloride has become a popular material and has even started to replace metal in the production of piping. Because of its strength, durability and cost-effectiveness, it has quickly become one of the most widely used plastics in the world. These qualities allow it to fit seamlessly into the modern world of marketing. If you’re looking to advertise your business then it’s an avenue that should be explored.

Here at 1st4signs, the low value of the materials included in the PVC signs doesn’t have any effect on the print quality. You can be sure that your marketing materials will come out exactly as you envisaged.


banner in marketing

Where are we?  

Based in Coggeshall, we offer our services across large parts of Essex, including Colchester, Chelmsford and Braintree. If you would like more information about our banner printing or are simply seeking some advice in regards to banners in marketing, feel free to get in touch by filling out a contact form. We can provide examples of our work such as banners we have printed for companies similar to yours. Just tell us what you are trying to achieve and we can take it from there.



The Importance of Shop Signs in Business Marketing

Despite the rise in advertising via the internet and social media, physical shop signs are still a highly effective marketing strategy and its importance should not be underestimated. Physical signs were the main tools originally used as marketing for businesses. As a result, they are the backbone for all other forms that have followed.

Eye-catching shop signs are the most effective way of getting passers-by off the street and into your shop. This blog will discuss physical signs and their many advantages which ultimately have allowed them to overcome the challenges they have faced throughout the rise of the digital era.

Ask restaurant sign outside shop with chairs and tables

Signage statistics

Well designed and carefully positioned signs are crucial to high-street shops. 85% of their customers live within 5 miles of the establishment and will see the signs 50 times a month on average. A study undertaken in 2016 showed that 35% of shoppers in the UK made in-store impulse purchases. This shows that consumers are willing to spend money they didn’t initially plan to. This is most likely because they succumbed to persuasive techniques.

Effective signage that sends the right message is crucial. You can tap into a stream of customers who otherwise might have just walked straight past your shop.


One of the main advantages of traditional sign marketing is the low cost you pay for a long-lasting product. Printing a physical sign costs on average half the price of purchasing its digital counterpart. Marketing space in the real world is more easily accessible than it is in the virtual one. Make sure your sign is printed on sturdy weather-resistant material and provided you clean it regularly, it should last a good few years. This is a clear example of the traditional method being easier and more cost-effective.

Choice and customisation

With shop signs, you can have them custom-made to fit your exact marketing needs. If you have extremely large windows and want signs made to match their size, then it’s no problem! Got a shop with awkwardly shaped windows and prefer a banner outside the front instead? Go for it! Want a pole sign to direct people from the high street down a side-road towards your place of residence? That’s easily done! Shop signs offer endless possibilities by allowing you to think outside the box and arrange your marketing materials exactly as you’d like them. Think about your own experiences when shopping. It’s often the creative and unusual signs that catch your attention and tempt you inside.

shop sign displaying weekend sale discount


When there’s a well-made and brightly coloured sign with a clever catchphrase pointing you in a specific direction, it’s easy to be persuaded to enter a shop even if you just plan to have a quick look around. Once you’re in the shop, you can pick the items up and get a true feel for them. 

Perhaps something is on sale or part of a deal or you see something your friend might like and before you know it you’ve bought something. There’s also a good chance there’ll be a member of staff in-store who can provide more information and answer any queries. 

This is a huge advantage in-store sales have over online shopping. When buying items online there is always a slight element of risk involved. In-store sales eliminates this risk because there is no distance between the consumer and the product.

 It’s more comforting when you know exactly what it is you’re buying. Because of this, there’ll always be a demand for in-store shopping. The best way to capitalise on this opportunity is by having the right signage in place to encourage potential customers to enter your shop. How else would they know where to find you?

Creation and printing process

Leaflets and flyers can be made at home with a printer and a few sets of ink cartridges. However, large-scale printed signs are not so easily done. It’s important to get them right as they are crucial to catching attention and generating interest in your brand. You’ll need to consider things which the average consumer wouldn’t even think about when viewing an advertisement. 

For example, if you have marketing materials printed on the side of your car or van, then what will it look like when a door is open? It would be harmful to your business if parts of your contact details were illegible whenever your window is rolled down. 

You’ll also need to know the ins and outs of design and formatting, pixel resolution as well as text and image size. Then there’s the challenge of choosing the right material to print it on and picking an optimal position to place it. You’d need to consider all possibilities and maximise your presence through signage. It’s worth getting professional help and advice from an experienced expert. 

Contact us

Here at 1st4signs, we help our clients create signs of all shapes and sizes. No shop wall is too large or windows too small, we can design bespoke signs for you and your business. We have over 20 years of specialist experience in the industry. You can rely on us to offer professional advice and guidance with all of your signage needs. Take a look at some of our point of sale signs, wall art and vehicle wrapping that we have provided for our previous clients. 


The Best Vinyl Car Wraps of 2019

Vehicle wrapping is highly popular as a useful marketing tool. It’s also popular for those who look for something exciting to make their vehicle stand out from all the others. Vehicle graphics can have many advantages other than just a unique look. It can also protect your original layer of paint and hide small marks and scratches. This, in turn, adds to the resell value of your car. Vinyl car wraps are also considerably cheaper than paint jobs, coming in at nearly half the price. We’ll be taking a look at the best vinyl car wraps of 2019 and finding out what’s going on beneath the surface. 

Carbon Fibre

The particular style people choose to wrap their cars in is of course down to personal taste. However, there is one car wrap which seems to objectively sit at the top of the list: carbon fibre.  Known for being expertly produced by the esteemed VViViD, carbon fibre car wrap is long-lasting and brings its own unique style as it defies reality with its genuine 3D appearance. Due to its intrinsic flexible qualities, carbon fibre can stretch to fit any shape. It can also be used to modify both the interior and exterior of your car to an extremely high standard.

front of BMW with blue and black wrap

Matte Black 

Matte black comes in not far behind carbon fibre in terms of popularity. Its mysterious pitch-dark shade is a highly sought after aesthetic. This wrap can prove slightly tricky to apply, however, its lack of malleability is more than made up for by its impressive durability. Notably designed by 3M, matte black vinyl wrap is dual-layered. This allows it to be incredibly scratch resistant and maintain that impressive deep black look. 

black sports car


If you’re looking for a more colourful option, then Vinyl Frog’s Chameleon car wrap might be the choice for you. Vinyl Frog provides their Chameleon wrap in both gloss and matte finishes. They also manufactured it to be highly stretchable and have a long lifespan. It can also be easily removed at any time. The subtle but striking blending of colour allows for an eye-catching car with a high-quality appearance.

classic teal BMW

Black High Gloss Vinyl Wrap

Finally, let’s allow the specialists at VViViD to supply us with a true classic which is ever-popular in the car wrapping world. So much so that this particular aesthetic is considered a leading competitor to the car painting industry. What makes it so popular is the affordability and extremely high-calibre look that comes with it. It also comes with the exciting added bonus of allowing passers-by to see themselves in the reflection. ViVViD’s reputation is well-deserved, as their products allow for a clean application with a dry adhesive which won’t damage your cars original paint in the slightest. It may not be as outlandish as Chameleon or vastly popular as carbon fibre, but if you want your car to stand out in a quietly impressive manner, then black high gloss vinyl wrap is your best bet.

glossy black BMW next to tree