How to signpost social distancing

Here at Sign Language, we’ve been adapting to the unfortunate recent circumstances as best as we can. We’re aware of how much of a disruption the outbreak of Coronavirus has caused and we’ve been working our hardest to make life easier for everyone during this difficult time.

The most important thing we can all do to prevent the spread of the virus is to practice social distancing. Although many people will survive the virus even if they contract it, there is still a significant number who would be seriously affected if the virus was passed onto them. That’s why we must all make an effort to keep our distance from each other at all times.

Signpost Social Distancing

The steps we can take

Although it’s important to physically stay away from each other, there are other steps that can be taken too. For example, parcels and deliveries should be left at the door to avoid unnecessary interaction. Shops should only allow in a certain number of people and small confined spaces in public should be avoided. 

We have produced some products for some clients to help remind everyone to adhere to these rules at all times. Our social distancing signs send a clear message to enforce coronavirus precautions, all of which will contribute to this lockdown period ending as quickly as possible. 

As well as our larger signs we’ve also designed some small, bright stickers which can be easily distributed around frequently-visited areas. They’d also be brilliant on public display boards or outside essential shopping centres and would act as a strong reminder to anyone passing by.

Signpost Social Distancing

Thank you to the NHS 

One of the three main messages imposed by the Government is to protect the NHS. This message is so crucial because the NHS is the key to us surviving this global pandemic. We need to suppress the spread of the disease in order to prevent too many people from becoming sick at one time, as this would overwhelm our hospitals, doctors, and nurses.

On Thursday 26th March, most of the UK took part in an emotional tribute which saw us standing outside our houses clapping for the carers. Supporting the NHS is a great way to raise morale and keep people’s hopes up.

With this in mind, we’ve been working on some custom-made signs for one client to show thanks to NHS staff and all of their hard work. Not only are they working around-the-clock to protect us and our loved ones, but they’re also placing themselves at increased risk of catching the virus.

Signpost Social Distancing Thank you NHS

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