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The Key Benefits of Vehicle Graphics

This post will discuss the key benefits of vehicle graphics and how they can help you to grow. It doesn’t matter whether you own a large number of vehicles or you operate independently. Your service fleet plays a crucial role in the marketing of your business. The only thing worse than a lack of advertising on your vehicle is poorly-executed, cheap-looking branding. Your vehicle offers you the chance to reach thousands of people as you go about your daily business. This article is going to discuss the importance of making the most of this opportunity, and the best ways to go about it. 

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Establish trust, confidence and credibility

As a customer, what’s the most important thing that you consider when looking for a tradesperson? The answer is almost always whether you can trust them or not. Promoting a credible brand image is one of the main key benefits of vehicle graphics.

What customers want to avoid at all costs is someone who does a quick, shabby job and then disappears. A tradesperson who’s cared enough to invest in smart, professional branding is going to appear trustworthy and reliable. Showing customers that you’ve made an effort will help to make a positive first impression of your business. 

By having your company name and contact details in the open, you send the message that you want people to know who you are. This helps to remove any fears customers might have of not being able to contact you if they have any questions or further requests.

Mobile marketing captivates customers

Another one of the key benefits of vehicle graphics is that they are simply eye-catching. We all see hundreds, possibly thousands of cars and vehicles pass by us every day. Apart from the odd sports car or Reliant Robin, how many of them actually stick in your mind? Not many because for the most part, they all look roughly the same. As a tradesperson, you can use this to your advantage.

UK government statistics state that as of September 2019, there are 38.9 million registered vehicles on the road. According to the RAC, 61% of trips in 2018 were made by car either as a driver or a passenger. This helps to give some idea of how dominant vehicles are as a mode of transport.

Just by driving a vehicle, you are appearing in front of thousands of pairs of eyes. Vehicle signage is an effective method of turning your vehicle into a moving advertisement board, which if you think about it is an extremely effective method of marketing. With bright and bold signage, it’s easy to stand out amongst the ocean of other plain vehicles on the road.

You can appeal to all kinds of customers – people who are actively looking for your services or people who see your vehicle and realise they might need your help. It might even be people who see your vehicle and remember that someone they know needs a service you offer. By being easily recognisable and sending a clear message, you can catch the attention of huge numbers of potential clients. This would be far more difficult if you had a plain vehicle.

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Cost-effective Advertising

Unlike other popular advertising methods, vehicle graphics come at a vastly reduced price. You want the graphics to look professional and well designed, but even when taking this into account, it’s still much cheaper. As long as the wrap is applied properly it will stay on for a good few years. During this time you get around-the-clock advertising, even when your vehicle is parked. This should allow you to generate a healthy return on investment. 

Passive Advertising

Finally, the last of our key benefits of vehicle graphics is that they aren’t confrontational. In a world of non-stop ‘in your face’ advertising with ads popping up on your mobile phone and chat boxes on every computer webpage, advertising can become quite frustrating. Vehicle graphics provide customers with marketing in a non-aggressive manner and is just as effective and memorable as other more straight-forward techniques.

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Overall, if you are frequently using a vehicle to travel between jobs and you aren’t using it as a marketing tool, you’re missing out on a trick. Especially as travelling tradespeople don’t usually spend time at their office, it means that in a way your vehicle is your place of work as well as your means of transport. 

If you want to maximise awareness of your brand, show that you are trustworthy and attract the attention of new clients, then it’s definitely a worthwhile investment to make. Just be careful that the job is done by experienced professionals who know what they’re doing. Vehicles need to be sized properly before they are fitted, with attention being paid to door handles, lights, windows, wing mirrors and door hinges. 

In this scenario, a substandard job is worse than no job at all. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, we can guarantee a high-quality and lasting service. Take a look at some of our previous work and see for yourself. If you want professional consultation or a quote for a fleet, feel free to contact us