Sign Printing in Chelmsford

Sign Printing in Chelmsford

Sign Language is a leading sign printing company based in Coggeshall, Essex. We offer our services throughout Essex, including sign printing in Chelmsford. We have a variety of services that we can offer you including expertly printed signs, banners, interior materials and vehicle graphics.

No job is too big for us at Sign Language. We pride ourselves on our customer service and ability to be flexible to the needs of the customer.

The Importance of Signage

Good signage is definitely something which goes unnoticed, even though we rely on signs regularly in everyday life. Without them, we wouldn’t know if we were safe in certain areas or where to go when visiting new places.

In marketing, signage plays a massive role in catching the eye of potential customers and attracting them towards your store or services. With high streets being busy and bustling places, there is plenty of competition between retailers in an attempt to pull in customers.

Although the internet and social media have significantly changed the marketing landscape, the traditional methods of marketing are still effective.

Different Styles of Signage

Signage can take many forms. One major positive of using signage as a marketing method is the vast number of options available to choose from. As well as sign printing in Chelmsford, we offer the following attractive options below:

Acrylic Signs

Our acrylic signs are modern and professionally finished to a high standard. We have produced a number of acrylic signs over the years which have been designed for both business and personal use.

Acrylic signs are great for business as they catch the eye of the customer and give a positive first impression. We’d recommend having one in your reception or welcome area. For personal use, acrylic signs can be used to display art or for creative pieces around your home, such as for a house number illustration.

Post and Panel

Post and panel signs are perfect for business owners who are looking to increase their visibility. These signs are best when placed strategically, such as by a road with a steady flow of traffic or in a popular local common area.

We’d recommend using post and panel signs if you would like to advertise businesses like farm shops, shopping centres or interesting local attractions. You already know that visitors will be on the lookout for an enjoyable activity such as the one you’re offering. All post and panel signs do is make it as easy as possible for them to find you.


We offer bespoke Foamex sign printing which can be used for marketing in a number of different ways. These signs are brilliant due to how flexible they are; they can be glued, screwed or nailed into place.

We’d recommend employing the use of Foamex signs if you’re a business operating on a fixed term. The fact that they’re fairly low-cost compared to other similarly sized signs only helps to increase their appeal.

Health & Safety

Healthy and Safety signs are vital in businesses and buildings of all uses as they provide important information. They’re particularly important in public areas. They prevent the general public, which at times might be large numbers of people, from straying into potentially dangerous areas.

These signs are often a legal requirement for businesses. Failure to provide sufficient safety signs in the workplace goes against the regulations set out in the Health and Safety Executive. For this reason, these signs are a necessity and must be printed to a certain standard in order to comply with the standards.

Our full signage services

Our extensive list of signage services provides signs in a range of different sizes and materials for all purposes. If you need something custom-made for a specific service, then our flexibility allows us to produce bespoke signage for our clients. As well as offering sign printing in Chelmsford, we also operate in the larger surrounding Essex area.


Chelmsford is the county town of Essex, as well as being its only City. It’s located north-east of London and has strong transport links to London and surrounding towns by road, train and bus.

Chelmsford is known for its rich history as the home of the Essex Regiment, an infantry line which served in World War I and World War II. The history of the Essex Regiment and other subjects such as archaeology and biology are all documented in great detail in the Chelmsford Museum.

The county town of Essex makes for a great day out with a number of exciting activities. Visitors can enjoy the thrill of escape rooms and the highly-rated Jump Street trampoline park. Chelmsford also has an impressive shopping centre, High Chelmer, which boasts over eighty shops and stores.

When it comes to sports, Chelmsford has plenty of achievements to be proud of. It’s home to the first-class Essex County Cricket Club, which fielded Alastair Cook, the former England Captain. Chelmsford City Football Club compete in the Vanarama National South League, which is the sixth step of English football.

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Here at Sign Language, we provide expert sign printing in Chelmsford. With over twenty years of experience, we are true specialists in what we do and go beyond the expectations of our clients.

On top of printing high-quality signs, we are also experts in design and placement. We can help you if you have an idea but need help bringing it to life. With our consultation, you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your signage.

Have a look at our extensive gallery to see just some of the previous works we have provided over the years. If you require sign printing in Chelmsford, feel free to contact us and speak to our team.

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