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Fascia signs are where a sign is applied to a building, usually on the front above the entrance, or on a wall. They are most often used by retail businesses and can have a variety of slightly different styles. Due to this, they need careful consideration. 

Types of sign

Some fascia signs see business names fixed directly onto brick, applied to boards with built-up letters or have flat-cut letters. Whatever you are after, whether it is a brand new fascia sign or board, or a refresh of your existing one, Sign Language can help. We will advise on what is best for your business and deliver this to your exact requirements. To ensure we don’t risk damaging your frontage or to see what fixings might be required, we can also carry out a site visit. 


As with all signage, how fascia signs look is incredibly important. With this type of signage being so popular in shops and retail premises, there is even greater pressure on creating beautiful aesthetics. A clothes shop selling high quality and fashionable clothes could put potential customers off without the right look for themselves. Branding is incredibly important, as is the execution of this.

Where we work

Signs can stand out for good or bad reasons or because it simply doesn’t fit with the surroundings. Given we mostly work in Essex and Suffolk, we are often working in historical locations such as Braintree, Halstead and Colchester. Choosing a modern style can look out of place in a medieval village with listed buildings. Likewise, going for something that looks traditional on a redeveloped street can have the same effect. Therefore, it is important to get the style just right.

We can help increase your company’s visibility through a range of different designs. These are always bespoke to your business and your location.


Just as important as style, sign materials can change the whole look of your business. With the fascia signs we offer, we can manufacture them from a variety of materials. This includes rigid plastic (Foamex), solid or composite aluminium and stainless steels. These all have a different look but ultimately will help to achieve your key business objective; attracting customers or clients through a highly visible sign.

For the reasons outlined above, it is crucial you choose your signs carefully. Our professional sign services will support your business and as a result, we will take the time to closely work with you to deliver fantastic results.