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The Importance of Shop Signs in Business Marketing

Despite the rise in advertising via the internet and social media, physical shop signs are still a highly effective marketing strategy and its importance should not be underestimated. Physical signs were the main tools originally used as marketing for businesses. As a result, they are the backbone for all other forms that have followed.

Eye-catching shop signs are the most effective way of getting passers-by off the street and into your shop. This blog will discuss physical signs and their many advantages which ultimately have allowed them to overcome the challenges they have faced throughout the rise of the digital era.

Ask restaurant sign outside shop with chairs and tables

Signage statistics

Well designed and carefully positioned signs are crucial to high-street shops. 85% of their customers live within 5 miles of the establishment and will see the signs 50 times a month on average. A study undertaken in 2016 showed that 35% of shoppers in the UK made in-store impulse purchases. This shows that consumers are willing to spend money they didn’t initially plan to. This is most likely because they succumbed to persuasive techniques.

Effective signage that sends the right message is crucial. You can tap into a stream of customers who otherwise might have just walked straight past your shop.


One of the main advantages of traditional sign marketing is the low cost you pay for a long-lasting product. Printing a physical sign costs on average half the price of purchasing its digital counterpart. Marketing space in the real world is more easily accessible than it is in the virtual one. Make sure your sign is printed on sturdy weather-resistant material and provided you clean it regularly, it should last a good few years. This is a clear example of the traditional method being easier and more cost-effective.

Choice and customisation

With shop signs, you can have them custom-made to fit your exact marketing needs. If you have extremely large windows and want signs made to match their size, then it’s no problem! Got a shop with awkwardly shaped windows and prefer a banner outside the front instead? Go for it! Want a pole sign to direct people from the high street down a side-road towards your place of residence? That’s easily done! Shop signs offer endless possibilities by allowing you to think outside the box and arrange your marketing materials exactly as you’d like them. Think about your own experiences when shopping. It’s often the creative and unusual signs that catch your attention and tempt you inside.

shop sign displaying weekend sale discount


When there’s a well-made and brightly coloured sign with a clever catchphrase pointing you in a specific direction, it’s easy to be persuaded to enter a shop even if you just plan to have a quick look around. Once you’re in the shop, you can pick the items up and get a true feel for them. 

Perhaps something is on sale or part of a deal or you see something your friend might like and before you know it you’ve bought something. There’s also a good chance there’ll be a member of staff in-store who can provide more information and answer any queries. 

This is a huge advantage in-store sales have over online shopping. When buying items online there is always a slight element of risk involved. In-store sales eliminates this risk because there is no distance between the consumer and the product.

 It’s more comforting when you know exactly what it is you’re buying. Because of this, there’ll always be a demand for in-store shopping. The best way to capitalise on this opportunity is by having the right signage in place to encourage potential customers to enter your shop. How else would they know where to find you?

Creation and printing process

Leaflets and flyers can be made at home with a printer and a few sets of ink cartridges. However, large-scale printed signs are not so easily done. It’s important to get them right as they are crucial to catching attention and generating interest in your brand. You’ll need to consider things which the average consumer wouldn’t even think about when viewing an advertisement. 

For example, if you have marketing materials printed on the side of your car or van, then what will it look like when a door is open? It would be harmful to your business if parts of your contact details were illegible whenever your window is rolled down. 

You’ll also need to know the ins and outs of design and formatting, pixel resolution as well as text and image size. Then there’s the challenge of choosing the right material to print it on and picking an optimal position to place it. You’d need to consider all possibilities and maximise your presence through signage. It’s worth getting professional help and advice from an experienced expert. 

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