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Vehicle Wrapping

If you have a car or van as part of your business, you are probably going to be out and about every day on the road to potential jobs. By using your vehicle as a marketing opportunity, you can optimise these journeys.

Advertising opportunity

To illustrate the impact that your business vehicle can have, consider the following statistic. The number of vans on UK roads is going up every year and now stands at over 4 million. This means vans are travelling nearly 50 billion miles a year on UK roads. That is a lot of time in front of potential customers!

Your company vehicle can be a highly effective advertising tool, performing the task of a mobile billboard. With this in mind, one way you can do this is through the wrapping of your vehicle in high-quality graphics. You can showcase who you are and what you do, therefore getting your key messages out to potential customers and clients.

Our design service

At Sign Language Essex, we can support you in either delivering your own design onto your vehicle or creating a brand new design from scratch. The benefits of the latter are that you will get our experience in knowing what works. We will ensure we develop a clean, visually impactful design that considers important points such as placement, colour, size and fonts to make sure your details aren’t lost or overpowering.

Who we work for

Our work takes us across the whole of the country, particularly Essex and Suffolk. We have years of experience bringing brands to life through the professional signs we produce. Clients approach us from all kinds of backgrounds; from builders to landscapers to schools. No matter who we work for, we always think of innovative ways to display your business signs. Get in touch if you need signs printed in Braintree, Chelmsford and Colchester or the surrounding areas.

Ask us for help

Get in touch today to find out how we use our experience, skills and materials to deliver an end product that you will be proud of.