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Magnetic signs are incredibly useful as they are created to be added and removed on numerous occasions. This makes them incredibly versatile and consequently are a cost-effective sign solution.

How do they work?

We know you know how a magnet works, but many people do frequently ask us just how secure these signs are. We create the signs to be reusable but incredibly strong. They are printed on a flexible magnetic sheet that can have a full colour graphic and cut to the shape you require. The signs will stick to any magnetic receptive surface and will remain there until you carefully choose to remove them.

Who uses them?

Given the nature of what they are, magnetic signs are often used by businesses that have numerous or interchanging purposes e.g. taxis, vans, lorries, steel shelving and filing cabinets. They are also particularly great for people who are self-employed and use their personal car for their business, but who don’t necessarily want to advertise their business at all times.

What can Sign Language Essex do?

We offer a completely free design service, including sending proofs by email and an online design service for how it works. Further to this, we have our signs with a thickness of 0.8mm tested on vehicles travelling up to 70mph, and ensure they are supplied to be used by vehicles travelling on motorways. We can provide guidance on how they should be mounted correctly and can support you in doing this when first using them, to ensure you are able to do it yourself in the future when needed.

The print resolution of the signs is sharp with 1440 dpi, meaning they are of a high quality.

Lastly, but also very importantly, we can carry out this printing quickly with a rapid delivery service to any UK address.

Where we work

We work across Essex and Suffolk and can give a quote for any project, with no obligation – we are always happy to give recommendations or advice based on what we think you need. We deliver high-quality professional sign printing for businesses large and small.

A lot of our work is focused on producing and printing signs in Chelmsford, Colchester and Braintree as well as the surrounding areas. If you need a reliable and professional sign printing in Suffolk or Essex, get in touch and we would be happy to help.