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Hanging/A Boards

Signage is often about increasing visibility, and while you may have your business name up on the fascia of your shop front, you could and should be looking for other ways to catch the eye of potential customers. This is a perfect opportunity to utilise hanging boards or ‘A’ boards.

This type of signage catches people directly as they are walking down the road, as they don’t necessarily need to look up to view a business, but it is more likely to be in their line of sight. Furthermore, they may be more likely to remember your business – attracting customers should be a long-term strategy.

Where there’s a sign, there’s an opportunity

In addition to being another way to signpost customers to your business, hanging boards can provide extra information about who you are or what you do. A couple of sentences of additional text proclaiming what your business is e.g. ‘Oldest Pub in Essex’ or ‘First vegan shop in Colchester’ will help customers to understand more about you.

If you have a particular offer on such as ‘Freebie Friday – every purchase gets you a free gift’, then again you will be able to draw in customers. Finally, you could simply be advertising an event you have coming up ‘This weekend – live, local music’. This all couldn’t be achieved through your standard business signage.

At Sign Language Essex, we can help to create hanging board signs that stand out for their design and tagline to keep people interested in what you are doing and advertise not just what you do, but what you do best. Keeping your brand more visible can only benefit your business!

Get in touch to see examples of some of our previous work or chat about an idea you have – we are always happy to help.