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Correx plastic signage is one of the most popular types of signs used by any business. The reason for this is that Correx signs are relatively low cost, but still have a high impact. Often used as an advertising solution, they are perfect for many types of business, such as estate agents, but they can also be used for placards and outside signs. Many various trades use them to advertise their services when working on projects – you will often see them up temporarily outside a property, which helps to increase visibility of the service that person is providing. This is a great way to generate business without any additional work or costs.

Another use of correx signage is for the signposting of events such as festivals – again, their low-cost nature means it is affordable to print in high numbers, making sure you can reach as many people as possible. They can be fixed easily too, through cable ties or nailed to posts. This gives you the flexibility to use them in the scenario you are in, without having to factor this in to your considerations or costs.

Made from a strong, corrugated plastic material (otherwise known as polypropylene), Correx signs have a number of features, which is why they are so highly rated. These include being durable, light, having a good quality finish and being weatherproof.

Sign Language’s experience

We regularly produce Correx signs for businesses we work with and can create signs in any dimensions. While we can print on single 8 x 4ft and 10 x 5ft sheets, we can produce larger signs from multiple sheets of matching sizes. At the same time, this doesn’t compromise on the final look.

Should you have a business or event you want to advertise or possibly even a local campaign you are spearheading, then get in touch and we can help advise on what we think you should do.

Where we work

We work across Essex and Suffolk and can give a quote for any project, with no obligation – we are always happy to give advice and recommendations based on what we think you need. We carry out a lot of our work producing and printing signs in Tiptree, Colchester and Sudbury as well as the surrounding areas. If you need a reliable professional and sign printing service in Essex, get in touch.