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Solar Control Film

While the UK generally doesn’t have to worry about houses getting too hot, it can be uncomfortable in the summer or if your house or a specific room is a particular heat trap, then this may be something you want to consider.

During the day, the heat that the sun generates can gradually build up, particularly in conservatories. The result is that after a few hours, it may be so uncomfortable you either aren’t able to use the room or you have to use equipment such as fans to try and cool them down. Solar control film can reduce the build-up of heat and at the same time filter out UV rays, which often cause fading to soft furnishings as well as being harmful to our skin. Another benefit of solar control film is the reduction of glare – during the lighter months, it may be more difficult viewing the television or computer screens, but this is less of a problem if you have film installed.

We offer a wide range of finishes and grades, which all have different levels of performance designed to suit your particular needs. Simply get in touch and explain your problem – if necessary, we can come and visit your home to see what we would recommend.

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