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Post & Panel

With all signage, visibility is crucial and post and panel signs (or post and plan signs) are one example above many others as to why this is the case. They are often used to direct customers to your location, which is unlikely to be on the main shopping street, but might instead be in the countryside or down an unsuspecting road. By having good quality signage with regard to its design and location, you can be sure potential customers won’t be driving past you struggling to find where you are.

This kind of sign is perfect for those who require a directory style, such as farm shops, local attractions, business park, shopping centres or building sites. It has to be highly visible, easy to read and take in quickly, and also simple to follow.

Furthermore, it needs to look great – this can attract people to visit who were just travelling past and who otherwise wouldn’t have known about who you are and where you are. The post and panel style looks classic and can really stand out with an engaging design.

Post and panel signs are one of the most popular outdoor signage solutions for commercial businesses and they can be manufactured to nearly any requirements for size, shape or colour. They can be made up of a simple panel with posts on either side or can have multiple panels advertising seasonal opening hours, special offers or new activities.

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